i did a bad disaster with a file extension..
i was trying to divide a 70 giga entourage 2004 database to copy it on an external disk using "Split&Concat" app.
when choosing the file to split the program asked for an extension cause the database file hadn't one. i STUPIDLY added to it the same extension exported identity file has (please don't ask me why that i'm already embarassed for how i acted). at this point i was able to split and compress the file. done with this the database file even removing the extension i had added is no more recognized by entourage whic now opens as if there is nothing inside it.. the file is anyway always 70 gigas so i suppose the database is still in there..

sorry for being so long in explaining but i did a long mess..
is there anything i can do to recover it? even entourage database utility doesn't work.

i was thinking of opening the file in a text editor (don't know if it can open such a big file) and change the header in the file to return it to its original specs.. but at this point i'm aware that anything i do i do it wrong..

thanks for any help!