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robmoore 04-28-2010 04:53 PM

NetBoot basic questions thinclient, photoshop & RAM usage.

Quick questions before we dive into the netboot environment I havent been able to find answers.

a.) If my netboot client has 4GB of RAM do those gigabytes get deducted because the image needs to be loaded on RAM? Example the image weights 600mb so I would end up with 3.4GB of RAM left for apps.

b.) Does photoshop run well on netbooting?

c.) Does apple offer a thin client instead of a fat client where all apps run on the server?

MacsWork 04-28-2010 09:51 PM

Your 600mb image is compressed so your estimation is incorrect. By how much depends on the image contents.

Does Adobe support NetBooting? I have only used the NetInstall feature of OS X Server so I cannot offer a performance estimation, I can only guess it is not ideal for a production environment. A lab at best. If your clients have hard drives I'd consider NetInstalls vs NetBooting.

Aqua Connect offers a hosted application or rather a remote desktop for mac clients. However Photoshop requires precise user input which can be hard to achieve in a hosted environment.

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