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    Red face Snow Leopard scanning produces huge files
    Hi, everybody,
    This question concerns in the built-in scanning ability of Snow Leopard. Using Preview, I can now scan with my HP all-in-one printer with no problems. However, the output files, whether PDF or PNG, are always very large, even when I use the lowest resolution, or when scanning simple black and white text.

    Is there a way I can get Preview to produce much smaller files? I'd prefer not to use a third product just to shrink the image or PDF files that it produces.

    thanks much

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    Have you tried Image Capture? I scanned colour pages to about 700K. How large is large?
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    Interesting. I also use Preview with an HP all in one to scan, and my file sizes always correspond with the jpg output quality that I choose (values between 1-10 I think).

    However, since that's not working for you, you can still use Preview to change the size of the file after it has been produced. Just open the scanned image with preview, then do "save as", and once again reduce the Jpg image quality with the slider to around 7 or so. Should do the trick.


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