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    Software Update not working never has
    I recently purchased a 2.53 GHZ Macbook Pro and am running 10.6.2
    My router is a Linksys N Router
    since taking my Macbook Pro out of the box I have yet to have my Software Update work. When I click on the tab to update the error alert says: The Software Update Server (storeserver.local) is not responding. Check to make sure your network connection is operating normally. If there are no issues with your connection, contact your network administrator for assistance.
    I am unable to get any system updates. Everything else works fine all my internet stuff works perfect.

    I have contacted Apple, my ISP and my Router manufacturer and no one can give me an answer. I even talked to one of the heads of the Apple tech support people and they had no answers. I've tried re-installing the OS, connecting straight to the router, tossing out preferences and nothing anyone have any ideas i'm at wits end.

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    First place I would start (if I was you) is attempting the 10.6.3 combo update here.
    At the very least, it will get you to the most current OS software. Then take it from there.

    Also, have you gone into Disk Utility and verified/repaired permissions?
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    Reminder: Please include your Mac's specs. This will make it much easier for the other members to assist you.

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    Not sure if you sorted this?

    Did you buy it second hand?

    Seems like the computer may be setup for another network for updates?

    Goto System Preferences/Accounts Click on Login Items and check that there isn't something in the "Network Account Server" if there is delete it.

    That work?

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