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    iMac Security
    Greetings all, from that great big continent in the south.

    I've just converted to Mac after 40+ years of PC's. It was the potential with iPhotos and iMovies that encouraged the switch.

    I have a couple of worries about security. Much opinion seems to suggest Mac's are never attacked by viruses, spyware, malware etc but I find this attitude somewhat suspect in light of the aggressiveness of today's hackers.

    What is the experience of long-time Mac users in this regard? Do you recommend a firewall and anti-virus and malware software. If so, what are some good brands to explore.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Do not use antivirus software for as strange as it may seem speedie, coming from the Windows world, there are NO repeat NO Mac OS X viri and if you avoid suspect pirate download sites and the such you will steer clear of malware and trojans also. The only recent report of a trojan was with illegally downloaded copies of iWork.

    Do not bother slowing down your iMac with a firewall or vault .

    Idf you play to run Windows through Bootcamp or emulation, download Microsoft Security Essentials and run that within the Windows partition.

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