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    Startup disk doesnt show up in disk utility
    Hello first post here, hoping someone out there can help

    ok so woke up this morn and turned on my macbook running 10.4.8 and she got to the first grey screen and no further. five mins later and still nothing so i turn her off and try again, same thing for 5 more restarts. in goes the install disk and i try to run disk utility. it find my hd but will not load any info and just spins the rainbow wheel. had to force shutdown and try again but this time the hd doesnt even show in disk utility and only shows the install disk. system profiler shows no sign of even having a hd at all and if i try to choose my startup disk to launch from it only shows the install cd again! where has my hd gone, everything was fine when i turned her off last night

    oh and i ran the hardware test and it said everything was fine so its beyond me

    also on a few occasions that black screen came down telling me to 'restart now' whilst trying to get disk utility to load

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    G;day and welcome to the forums.

    Sounds like you have a dead or rapidly dying hard drive there and hardware test often misses a failed hard drive. Try zapping the PRAM, hold down Command Option P and R keys all together immediately after the chimes and keep all keys held down until after third set of chimes.

    Keep us posted?

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