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    Antivirus for Macs? & for Macs running bootcamp?
    Hey Forum!
    I have a question.
    Im wondering if Mac's need to have an antivirus. I know of ClamXav, but is it any good? & what others do you recommend?

    ...also. Im thinking of using either boot camp or VMWare Fusion to run Windows 7 with my new MacBook Pro. If I do this, will I need to have antivirus for both Mac & for windows?

    So like, will I need to have ClamXav for the mac (when thats running) & still have AVG or AVAST etc... (for when im running WIndows 7?)

    Im a bit confused. They are two different Operating Systems, but will one Antivirus cover the two..? Not too sure.

    Thanks for your time guys!

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    No need for antivirus on Mac OS X. You should try out the Search feature here, there is already a lengthy discussion about this here:

    You will, however, need antivirus software for your Windows partition. Any Windows malware will only affect your Windows OS.

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    Answer: no

    Advice: next time make your title describe your post. You know, like a book title gives you an idea of what the book is about...

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