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    Saving to disc (file size limited)

    I've got a problem when saving to disc; the file size always defaults to 164kb.

    I'm trying to save about fifteen 1Mb jpg files which sit on my desktop perfectly. When I insert a Maxwell 700mb CD-R disc & try to copy the jpg's over to it, the file size shrinks to 164kb. Is there a default setting I'm missing somewhere? I have no problems copying the file to another drive, it's just the disc drive that's not picking up the original file size.

    How can I get a straight forward copy from one drive to the disc without losing filesize?

    I'm using OS-X on a MacBook Pro.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.

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    What burning program are you using, and have you tried a different brand of disc? Maxell have a bad rep with Mac users.
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    You are copying aliases to the disc. This is normal for Finder burning.

    It will resolve itself when the disc is actually burned.

    PS. You should not keep real files on the desktop.

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    Thanks chas_m, you're right, the files did burn at the original file size.

    It's a bit misleading, but at least I know now. Thanks again.

    And thanks Kevriano, I have heard that Maxwell discs can cause some issues with Mac's but following chas_m's advice, it seems to work fine for me now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    PS. You should not keep real files on the desktop.
    That assertion smells suspiciously of cow patties.

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