Dear Mac Folk,

I believe I have encountered the "maliciously crafted embedded font" (English Translation: a real live Mac virus) that Security Update 2010-003 is supposed to address.

I downloaded an MS Word document attached to an email, and without even opening the document my computer (Macbook running 10.5.8) immediately starting behaving very badly: application windows began flashing and alternating so quickly I could no longer work with them, and then applications started crashing. Mail will now only open for a few seconds and then crash. Safari will not open at all. Firefox works but will crash intermittently. Adobe Acrobat also crashes. And so on.

So I downloaded and installed Security Update 2010-003 (About the content of Security Update 2010-003), but it has not corrected the problems.

Any ideas about what the next step should be?

Thank you,