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    Power Mac G5 two yrs. idle: Now what? No hotmail etc.
    After 2 years I need my Mac! I tried to access Hotmail and got a blank screen. Yahoo says I do not have the right OS - what do I need to update to get back on this planet? Apple sites seem to work O.K.

    Power Mac dual - purchased late 2005.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CAbroker View Post
    After 2 years I need my Mac! I tried to access Hotmail and got a blank screen. Yahoo says I do not have the right OS - what do I need to update to get back on this planet? Apple sites seem to work O.K.
    How about telling us what OS is currently installed on your Powermac G5? It may not be your OS version...but the version of the Safari browser you're using.

    In any case...the newest/latest/maximum OS you can install is 10.5.8.


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    Much appreciated - rank amateur here. I have the OS that was on it when I got it new, Safari I believe?!!?!? I will update as you suggest. I am hesitant so please bear with me as I get up to speed. Any advise, no matter how rudimentary is helpful.

    I will even confess that I had to switch to my aging PC to join the forum. Gonna' switch back to my Mac and go with the Hail Mary play!

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    Safari is a Web Browser and not the OS. The newer versions of Safari will not install on older versions of OSX. Click on the Apple in the top left corner of the screen. Click on About This Mac. It will tell you there what version of OSX you have. Please report back.

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    BTW are you trying to use the OS X Mail program to access Hotmail or through the Web interface? Here's a video for the setup procedure to use Mail YouTube - Mac Tutorial - How To Get Your Hotmail Account on Mail

    There are also some videos explaining how to access Yahoo via Mail. I think these tricks depend upon the premium service though.
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    I am now using Firefox browser & hotmail is working. I need my old password to update my Tiger 10.4 OS but can't get the password right. I am instructed to reset it with my OS install disc but am hesitant. Will I need to reinstall Final Cut Pro and all of my expensive software? Worried that I may lose something and not have the original install disc(s). Also, can't install flashplayer and much of my work requires sites that use it.

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