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    Question How to burn an ISO to playable DVD w/ Disk Utility??
    Hello there guys, I'm new here, so please bear with me.

    What I'm trying to do is burn a disk image file (.ISO) to a entertainment unit playable (not DVDROM) DVD using Disk Utility. I know that this was discussed in this forum here, but it looks like this user was referring to specific OGG/WMV files:

    Anyway I have this .ISO file pulled from a friend's demo reel DVD that I'm trying to burn to a DVD myself. I remember there was some very simple process through the Leopard OS, but don't know if it's been changed somehow/made to be more difficult with Snow Leopard.

    Essentially I know you're supposed to put in a blank DVD, open the .ISO file, use Disk Utility to select the Video_TS folder, and then burn that, but for some reason it seemed to burn the whole .ISO file to disc, which works in my computer, but does me absolutely no good on a standard DVD player.

    Anyway I'm sure there's a step I'm missing. Help!!

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    Apr 25, 2010
    C'mon now, any ideas??

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