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    Software for playing (long) audio files in playlist
    Hi All,

    Im a new user of a mac, I bought my first macbook pro 2 days ago and at the moment im recording and mixing music with traktor.

    I made several recordings of about 1 to 2 hours of music that I want to play at a party (my wedding ), it would be nice if I could make some kind of playlist that automaticaly starts playing on other audio when the one that is playing ends.

    Is there software that can do this?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    You mean something like iTunes? What format are the audio files in?
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    I think its just mp3 files Traktor makes, dont have the machine at hand to check.
    Can itunes do this, never used it before.

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    Yep, you just create a playlist and add the songs to that playlist. You can drag the songs into the order that you want them

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    VLC VLC media player for Mac OS X will do it too (I actually prefer it to iTunes). You drag your .mp3 files into a Playlist window, click Play, and away it goes, for hours at a time, if needed. I've never tested its limits, so can't say exactly how many files it can accommodate. You can change the play order (click-drag-drop) within the Playlist window.
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    Lots of options, but iTunes has automatic crossover, soundcheck, smart playlists and its already on your computer. Just use that.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys, I will give it a shot with Itunes.

    Automatic mixing is not needed btw, I have bassicaly 4 large audio files (1.5 hour each) and I want the second one to automatically start when the first one is finished.

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