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    Reinstall Default Fonts
    Hey Everyone,

    I recently entered a new job and was given a previously used MacBook Pro. The fellow before me seems to have wiped out the vast majority of fonts on the computer. There is no Arial, Times, Helvetica, etc... I assume he had a lot of personally purchased fonts, and didn't want to leave them, but took many others out with them.

    Is there any way to reinstall the default fonts that come with OS X (Snow Leopard) without having to reinstall the system? I talked with Apple support for a short bit, but they told me I would have to reinstall the OS. They told me to install the "Additional Fonts" off the install disc, but of course, there is a reason why they are the "additional" fonts.

    Could there possibly be a way to extract the fonts off the install disc and manually install them?

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is a program called Pacifist that can look at install packages on the disk and let you copy from them
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    Thank you! This did the trick.

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