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    RE installing OSX on used( new to me) iBook G4????
    hello world. i am a new mac user( can you tell?) haha... anyways, i purchased a used iBook G4 12" 1.33ghz 1.5gb ram and 60GB hdd.

    now its running osx 10.5.8. its also running really slow doing very normal things. i get the spinning beachball thing every time its "thinking". loading videos from the HDD, opening pictures, etc. very basic commands.

    i have the origonal mac OSX install disks, disc 1 and disc 2 wich says on the disk 10.4.2.

    i honestly dont know how to tell if all the programs that are installed and running are good, bad or ugly. like i said, im still in PC land in my head, still thinking in PC terms. so i would like to just WIPE IT clean and start over again.

    BUT... can i do it and keep the adobe photoshop suite that came with it? id really like to keep that. but if its easier, to do away with it, please, lemme know.

    thanks again. hopefully, soon enough, i will be the one aswereing the questions instead of asking them.

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    If you wipe the drive clean, everything will be gone. Also... did the previous owner give you the original disks and license for Adobe Photoshop? How about Leopard 10.5.8? If not, the copies on the machine are not legal and really should be removed.

    You would do well to wipe the drive and install Tiger from the disks you do have. And then download and install all the updates for Tiger. Starting out with a clean install is the best way.


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    thank you
    i am wiping it clean now. i figured i could buy a nother copy of photoshop suite. having my mac up ANd running properly is the most important thing to me right now.

    i sure hope this makes it cleaner and more efficient( faster)

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    Always the wise option when you purchase a pre-loved machine, format and clean install.

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