I am relatively new to MAC and I love them. I already have 2 iMACS and 2 MBP's for my small office. Also have 4 PC's from few yeas ago - which I will swap for MAC's, in future.

I am planning to buy MINI MAC with Snow Leopard Server Software and plan to use it for networking my small office (10 people).

Basically, I need my own server for,

- Sharing files
- Hosting my own website
- Email Server

Has anyone any experience of using this software? If so, can you please advise me of pro's and con's of using this?

On the Apple website, reading through the software features, it seems all pretty straight forward to setup, but being a layman that I am - I do need to know if others have used it and is it really as simple as it states and easy to use?

Much appreciate your comments.

Many Thanks.