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Thread: Can I make a copied drive bootable?

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    Can I make a copied drive bootable?
    I copied my hard disk yesterday to a bigger drive to replace it, and I wasn't thinking straight, apparently, because I used Disk Utility, instead of Super Duper or something, so I didn't get a bootable clone. Is there any way to make my new drive bootable, so I don't have to spend another eight hours making a clone? If not, I know what I have to do. Thanks!

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    Erase your ext drive.
    Use SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner.
    It will be a lot faster than disk utilty was........ a matter of minutes rather than a matter of hours

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    I can do a clone of 100-120 GB in under an hour with SuperDuper! - via FW - USB will be slower.
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