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    Squares / Boxes Around Numbers and Text in Browswers
    I recently ran a software updated and now things aren't looking right in my main browsers.(Chrome, Firefox, Safari -- Opera looks fine.) See the attachment for more explanation.

    I'm using OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.3

    UPDATE: I don't know if this helps at all, but I logged out and logged back in as the "Guest User" and there were no issues in the guest account.

    The small circle shows an unnecessary character between "Mac" and "Help"
    This is more prominent on some other pages I've visited.

    I tried cleaning the Font Cache through the Terminal using the following commands:
    atsutil databases -removeUser

    sudo atsutil databases -remove
    atsutil server -shutdown
    atsutil server -ping
    and then rebooted
    This fixed SOME of the problems with some of the number that looked messed up in my Gmail, but Google search and other sites still had the problems so....

    Then I also Downloaded YASU and tried to flush the problem out with that, but it actually put me back to square one, where even the numbers in my gmail account were back to having a square around them.

    Any ideas?
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