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    Apr 21, 2010
    Can`t start Snow leopard
    Hi! I have a macbook with snow leopard, which lagged while i was downloading a file from internet and meanwhile i was transferring a file from mac to a pc in home network. I got the waiting icon and i tried to force close but couldn`t get there because i got waiting icon even in finder. So i shut it with the shupdown button. Now when i start it upp so i just get the gray screen. Can anyone please help me how can i start it i have a lots of important files in it. One more thing that maybe help u that i was downloading in my system partition which was nearly full and the file i was downloading was bigger than the free space i hade. while it was downloading i was trying to make free space. So i think maybe because of full in system partition i cant start.

    Please help me out

    I tried restarting sometimes and i could now boot with DVD. With the disk utility i can`t se my hardisk i can only se the DVD. Does this mean the hardisk is crashed??

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    Apr 21, 2010
    Found the fault
    I found that my hard drive doesn`t work it is spinning and clicking. Can anyone please help me to repair it or tell me how i can recover my data.


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