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    Trying to get Use of computer I just bought
    I bought this iMac computer that is only the screen from this seemingly reputable dealer but when I brought it home it already had a pass word on it.

    and a program called "radmind" with a purdue university sticker on it.

    I tried using a mac os x cd to change the password and i tried booting in single user mode to change the pass word but what regardless of what i hold down at boot it won't go to single user mode or boot from any cd.

    I tried three different types of mac os x.

    I think it's the radmind on the computer that's keeping it from doing what it's suppose to do on boot or if Not I have no idea.

    How can I possibly do to get access to this computer?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Hmm. Slightly suspicious here, however, you need either a generic OS disc, or the discs specifically for that machine, and you will probably need to do a completely new install of the OS.
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    radmind is a free open-source suite of command line tools available for unix, mac os x, and just recently, windows. For mac os x there is also a graphical interface - radmind assistant. At its core radmind operates as a tripwire, detecting changes to any managed filesystem object - files, directories, links, etc. However radmind goes further than just integrity checking - once a change is detected, radmind can reverse the change in an automated fashion. It is this ability that allows radmind to go beyond just a security tool, but also to be used as an automated file/software distribution/maintenance mechanism. This discussion will cover basic radmind concepts, how purdue uses radmind to maintain the academic mac labs, and an introduction to the recently ported windows version of radmind.

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    Sounds as if Firmware Password Protection has been set up on the machine if it will not boot from the install disc, which is very often used at colleges, universities etc,. to discourage theft. If this is what it is take it back.

    It may well be the dealer has purchased it in good faith. Here is a link to this style of protection:-

    Setting up firmware password protection in Mac OS X

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    I agree with harry. It has a firmware password set in. You can try the following method to remove it... it may or may not work:

    Shut the machine down. Unplug it from the AC mains. Open up the memory compartment at the bottom of the unit and remove one of the modules.

    Plug the machine back in and reboot. Try resetting the password. If it works, shut down again and replace the module you removed.

    Note: This method works on some machines, mostly notebooks, but it has worked as well on iMacs. You'll have to try it. If the password can not be reset by this method, send the machine back and get a refund.


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