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    DISK0S3 how delete it??
    Hi everyone

    i have an partition in my desktop that´s called "DISK0S3"?
    i´ve tried to go to disk utility and can´t erase from there.

    there´s any way for me to delete it from terminal? i go to the terminal and i type:diskutil list, and this is what i got:

    0: GUID_partition_scheme *320.1 GB disk0
    1: EFI 209.7 MB disk0s1
    2: Apple_HFS Machintosh HD 311.3 GB disk0s2
    3: Apple_HFS DISK0S3 8.3 GB disk0s3

    (i cant proceed in boot camp as well)

    thank you everyone, and sorry about my english.

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    In order to erase or remove the 8.3 GB partition, you have to boot the machine with your install DVD and use Disk Utility. You can not erase or remove a partition or otherwise do anything else to the disk while it's mounted.


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