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Thread: why can't OS 10.5 drivers work in 10.6

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    why can't OS 10.5 drivers work in 10.6
    Okay, this is like, super frustrating. I am trying to buy a new printer in my price range of about 60-100 dollars, and all but one printer that I looked at on newegg works on 10.6. and that one sucks.

    Can I still use some printers even though the manufacturer information says it can only run on 10.5 (do they only put this because they haven't tested it on 10.6?) why has a lot of support for printers disappeared or was removed in 10.6?

    Does anyone here have a suggestion for a solid printer that doesn't need expensive cartridges and works with 10.6.

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    Sometimes the advertised or displayed printer (in the store) is pre Snow Leopard but drivers for it were later updated for 10.6.

    Your best bet is to go the printer manufacturer's web site and check to see if there are drivers for Snow Leopard available for download. If there are, you can buy the printer and then download new drivers for it before or during installation. The Apple software update will likewise download updated drivers for installed printers.


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