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    Airport Utility keeps opening on startup
    Airport Utility keeps opening on startup. It just opens when my computer is finishing starting up, its not the 1st thing that comes. I usually am able to open safari or colloquy, by the time it comes up, It does usually say that 2 or 3 routers are having problems, so anyone have any ideas how to stop this?
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    Have you tried fixing the problems that it lists? What errors is it warning you about?

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    Try this first to see what shows:

    Sys Preferences>Accounts>your name>Login Items tab
    shows what is available to start and the checked items do start on startup.

    But first I would want to fix the errors that it is reporting Whig may fix the issue in the first place. If not looking in startup and if somehibgs not right... Change it.

    All the best mate. Let us know how you go.

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