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Thread: Can I safely delete files in Download folder?

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    Can I safely delete files in Download folder?

    I'm running out of space. If I delete files in my downloads folder will they still be somewhere on my computer if I haven't saved them in another location?

    A lot of things have extensions like .pkg .ttf .sit .zip, these are mostly related to applications. Will it effect the app if I delete these?

    (running Leopard.)

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    As long as you've unstuffed the programs/files and put the contents where you want, then yes.
    It won't affect the installed apps.
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    Installed them all? Then yes. Once upon a time used to burn all these downloads to a DVD-RW disc but with continual updates and broadband/cable speeds, no longer necessary or practical.

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    I used to burn them all to cd's or dvd's too, because Windows was likely to go down the stinker at any time. With the Mac, now once I have finished with whatever I downloaded, it goes in the trash since I don't think OS X is going to bottom out on me anytime soon. I do save some downloads to an external hard drive, but that is mainly 3D content that was hard to find, or tutorial videos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexC View Post
    If I delete files in my downloads folder will they still be somewhere on my computer if I haven't saved them in another location?
    Posts #2 and #3 are absolutely correct. But, taking just what you've written there, the answer is no.

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    When not using automatic installing options, I always use the download location as the desktop, and install everything in the desired location from there.
    The only things that I ever get in the downloads folder are disk images, which I know that I can safely delete, as I know that it has been installed without having to recall or guess.

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    As so many items get routed to the downloads folder (email attachments, pdfs and .doc files from an internet browser, etc.), not just software updates, I find it's a good idea to clear it out pretty often, almost every day for me. That way I'm sure the content I want to keep is saved somewhere else on disc that makes sense in my file architecture.

    I used to keep a "temp" folder in windows for this purpose, cause I loth a cluttered desktop.
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