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    A program that tells me finder has copied a file successfully?
    Here's what I feel is missing from my MacBook,

    When I copy or move a large file or folder to networked computers in the house, and it takes langer that 10 minutes or so, I end up doing other things that just look at the bar fill up. Because I get distracted, I always forget about it. Is there a program similar to Growl that can tell me when it's done copying?

    As it is now, I always have to double check the location I copy stuff to, usually by checking folder/file size, to make sure the copy completed successfully, and I'm baffled that a smart programmer hasn't had the same annoyance as me.

    Any comments/help is greatly appreciated.

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    If there is a problem copying a file, you will have a notification "the operation could not be completed" come on the screen and stay there until you remove it, so therefore, it has been taken care of, and "the smart programmers" have thought about it already

    Also, do you really want a Mac to behave like Windows, with constant "are you sure you want to do this" and "you have just done that" or "you are about to do the other" warnings all the time?
    One of the things I really don't miss with Windows is all these warnings and notices that constantly made me double guess what I was doing .... If only one of the messages would have been "are you sure you want to use windows, have you considered getting a Mac?" then I would have made the switch earlier!

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    A successfully completed copy makes a "bomp" noise on my machine when its finished.

    But as you have probably already discovered, it is incredibly rare for the Mac to have a problem copying folders, so its really not something that needs to be constantly checked on.

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