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    Boot Camp, "Cannot Move Files"
    Is there a possible way I can fix my boot-camp without my original Mac OS X CDS? I have a MacBook 1,1 that was given to me by a relative and I would like to duo boot windows XP on it, I can't because I get that following error and People have told me to reinstall Mac OS X with the CDs, But I don't have any CD's for this MacBook.
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    The error you're getting is indicating that there is not enough contiguous space on the drive in order to create the Boot Camp partition. There are two ways to resolve it - the first will definitely work: Re-install OS X from the original DVD media (which you don't have).

    The second involves third party software which may or may not work. It's called iDefrag and can be purchased from here.

    I highly recommend the first method (re-installing) because it will work. And besides, you really need your original install media to do any trouble shooting should it become necessary. Have you thought about buying a copy of Snow Leopard 10.6.X?


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