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    Mac osx 10.4.11 updated
    Hello all,

    I am very new to the Mac world. That being said, my ancient ibook just had an update. once it rebooted i lost the top bar and no programs would open. I tried to reset the admin account using the procedure from this forum Change Mac admin password without the disk [Solved]. Now all i get is an attempt to boot( you can see the status bar) the a partial song , then the welcome screen flashes up the disappears, all while the pointer goes to the upper righthand coner. Then it repeats the song and flash. I do not have the OS cd. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance

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    See if you can boot up into Safe mode, restart and keep the S key pressed as soon, or at the time, you hear the start chime
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    the expertly
    same thing but without the welcome screen. The welcome misic played twice.

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    Tell us more about how the "ancient ibook just had an update". This is for us to try and establish what might be causing the boot problems.

    Under ordinary circumstances we'd advise you to reboot from the Install disk and run Disk Utility to analyse and repair, but that facility is not available to you.

    Do you have another Mac computer to use? My thinking is to connect the two Macs via Firewire and, using Target Disk mode, try and repair whatever might be wrong with your iBook.
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    Unfortunately I do not have another mac and the update just said it was a package update. Sorry

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