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    pop ups
    iv probably put this in the wrong place but here goes...

    im sick to death of browsing and clicking on a site only to find that its opened a porn or gambling site in the background!.

    iv got safari`s pop up blocker on but its useless against these type of automatic openings so what can i use`?


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    What OS and Safari versions are you using? I have 10.4.11, which doesn't allow ad block with Safari (currently 4.0.5) so in-page ads/banners can't be stopped. In your case though I suspect that somewhere along the line, cookies from those annoying sites have been set.

    Reset Safari, removing all cookies and emptying the cache. Then set Safari Preferences > Security > Accept Cookies at either a) Never (drastic) or b) Only from sites I visit.

    There'll be a few minor hassles thereafter, because some sites will not work if cookies aren't enabled, eg. banking, online stores etc, but then they don't display unwanted ads, popups etc. You'll soon learn which are 'safe' cookies, those which can be accepted/set.

    If Safari still won't block the popups etc, then Firefox is probably your better browser option. It has strong blocking add-ons.
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    I know what you mean. I have 10.6.3 and often times pop ups get right by Safari even though it says they should be blocked and ya it does get annoying but don't think there is any way around it.

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    hi.... im using leopard 10.5.6 and safari 4.0.5.

    its those pages that open up behind everything that i want to stop!..

    partypoker and porn stuff that opens up automatically and boy do they annoy me.

    iv done everything with safari as directed and they still pop up all the time.

    is there anything at all that can be done on safari as thats the only browser i can use on here.


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    This stops a lot of the Flash slowdowns with page load, been using it for a wile and like it heaps.
    No sure if it helps with porn pop ups tho

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    hi.... tried that clicktoflash....wont stop the automatic page openings..

    why cant we just block specific websites??? come on apple???

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    There are several adblockers for Safari. If you're using Safari in 64-bit mode, you'll probably want to look at Safari Adblocker. There's also Safari Adblock, Glims and SafariBlock (google em).

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