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    Mail 4.2 recibe but doesn't send

    I can recibe emails but I can't send it.
    If I do window --> Mail connection inspector I can see that the pop accounts are ok, but the smtp accounts are (connecting to server).
    In the directory index, the side right of the Send directory there is the picture of thinking.
    I've tried gmail accounts and my own domain account, and the pop accounts work but the smtp doesn't work.

    Could you help me?

    My apologize for my english.

    Best regards,


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    It must be something missing or a bit of wrong typing on the smtp server. Check the following: Mail>Preferences>Accounts. Click on your Gmail account from the list on the left then on the right click in the drop down menu next to 'Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) and select 'Edit SPTP server list'. On the first tab 'Account Information' make sure the name of the smtp server is correct - in the case of Gmail it should be:
    then click on the advanced tab and check that Authentication is set to 'Password', that 'Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)' is ticked and that you have selected 'Use default ports'.
    User name should be the part of your email address before the @ sign (not your full email address) and make sure you have input your correct Gmail password. Save all your revised preferences and try again - it should work, that's exactly how mine is set up with no problems.

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