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    OSX server 10.5.8 to OSX snow leopard

    I got a Mac server from someone and it currently has an unlimited server osx version of the operating system. It's 10.5.8. One reason I got the mac was to test and develop iphone apps, but after downloading the SDK it informs me that I need OSX 10.6.3 and to upgrade.

    My question is this? can I purchase the $29 upgrade disk for OSX snow leopard and upgrade my server? The unlimited server doesn't have an upgrade and so it costs $499.

    Thanks in advance

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    No, using just the Snow Leopard disk will not update your server version to Snow Leopard Server, you will have to buy the Unlimited Server upgrade.
    Snow Leopard doesn't have all the applications for server administration and all the other things that come with Snow Leopard Server so it can't update them.
    I believe that you could just buy the normal Snow Leopard disk and replace the server version on your mac if you don't need it and just want the normal Snow Leopard version.
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