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    Guest Account can see my files, but why
    hi im using os 10.6.3 and today i need to give my mac to a friend and activate the guest account but i check the finder and see that i can find my doc, pic, videos and everything in the mac.
    the thing is why have a guest account is they can have all access to the hard drive is there is a way i can control what the can see or limit the access to the files

    i remember in win xp the guest account dont have access to another user data is strange in mac the can


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    It's all in the permissions. If you have access for "Everyone" set to Read-only (or Read/Write), then yes… "Everyone" means exactly that (well, except for yourself). You can correct this by setting the permissions to "No Access" for Everyone.

    If you want users on your computer other than the Guest to see these folders, then set permissions for Everyone to "No Access", then set those folders up as shared folders and turn off the option for the Guest account to access shared folders.

    EDIT: An alternative to setting up folders as "shared" for viewing by users other than Guest would be to add specific users to the list of permissions and giving them access.

    Also... to modify permissions, right-click on a folder (or file) and hit "Get Info". At the bottom, you can adjust the permissions. There's an additional option in the drop-down box to propagate those permissions to everything contained in that folder. I forget the exact wording... I'm not on a Mac at the moment.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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    Guest account shouldn't normally be able to see another users files.
    Another possible solution might be to create a brand new account for your friend (without admin rights).
    However if the problem is with your home folder itself this will not solve the problem.
    Did you migrate the home folder from another computer or something as this depending on how its done leave the permissions a bit funny.

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    Any account will be able to see other account data, unless you do as suggested and change the everyone permissions. One thing the guest guest account buy you is that when the user logs out. All of the data that was created is removed.
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