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    Embedded videos play in windows, can't download
    I am not sure if this is normal with macs but whenever I visit a website with embedded video the video often plays in a separate window.
    In stead of playing the video on a screen on the website, it opens quicktime.
    Handy but I wonder if this is also why I can't find a way to download the software.
    No don't worry, I want to download a interview with me by local tv who don't mind me downloading it.
    But somehow I just can't get it done.
    I've tried several firefox addons, perian, itubegrabber, and a few more.
    But perhaps because the videos are opened in a seperate player and not in the browser, I can't download them.
    I did find the url of the video itself, it is on a mms:// address.

    So I was wondering if its normal that some sites play the video in a new open browser or if this is a setting I can change and also if there is a way to download embedded videos.

    Yes I asked the tv station for a dvd but I don't want to wait for it and besides, after discovering this problem I sort of want to find a solution, even if I get the dvd.

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    what's the URL? Safari can usually download streams through the Activity window.

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