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Thread: does snow leopard completely replace regular leopard?

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    does snow leopard completely replace regular leopard?
    does snow leopard completely replace regular leopard or just upgrade it?

    i have operating system 10.4.11 tiger and i have a disk for snow leopard but it says i need regular leopard first

    so im asking this because i was thinking of downloading leopard 10.5 through a torrent then installing snow leopard, but i dont trust torrents with something as important as my operating system. so i was wondering if snow leopard 10.6 completely replaces leopard 10.5 and therefore replacing any bug or cliches that the torrent version might have had

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    Sorry but we don't condone or discuss pirating here.

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    The $29 Snow Leopard Upgrade DVD is only for OWNERS of 10.5 Leopard. If you do not own Leopard you have either purchase Leopard or the more expensive non upgrade version of Snow Leopard that comes with iLife and iWork.

    A torrent of any pay OS is illegal and against US Law and therefore the rules here at Mac Forums to discuss.

    Either way you go, you have to purchase something to be legal.

    Also even if it were not for the rules here on piracy, I would WARN you to be careful of any Application or OS for the Mac in a torrent as there is a nasty DNS Changer Trojan in many pirated apple torrents. It's not a virus but still can mess up your system.

    Purchase either Leopard or the full retail of Snow Leopard.

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