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    Unhappy Trying to install Snow Leopard...
    I have been trying to install Snow Leopard on my imac G5 (os x 10.5.8 ) for the past couple of days, but every time I go to check on it the computer is unresponsive and has a black screen. I hold down the power button and restart only to go through the same situation. I was hoping if anyone on here had any clue as to what may be going on. I've been researching the problems with my mac, and so far I haven't found anything.

    I should also mention that I was running into issues before I tried the install. My computer was starting to get very slow and freeze up on me. At first, this was only when I went online to sites that had a lot of pictures, audio, video, etc. Then it started happening even when I wasn't going into safari or firefox. So, I: updated my software.. got rid of flash.. cleaned out the caches.. ran disk utility.. checked my hardware with the install disc (said everything was ok).. and finally checked my memory and it showed that I had plenty left.

    When I told the apple guy all of this he seemed to think that installing snow leopard would fix all of my problems. Unfortunately, I think it's added on to my problems. I sometimes work with final cut on this computer for work, so getting it fixed is top priority for me right now. I would appreciate ANY advice anyone has to offer, and thank you in advance for even looking at this long post!!

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    Hello and welcome to MacForums ,

    Sorry to hear of your trouble but ...Snow Leopard 10.6 will only run on a Mac with an intel processor so If in fact you have a G5 then 10.5.8 is as high as you can go.


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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    If it is a G5 iMac as your thread states, Snow Leopard will not install as it requires an Intel processor. For our PPC models, Leopard OS X.5.8 it is. If it is in fact an Intel model iMac, are you using a full retail install DVD and not one from another machine? Here are Intel iMacs specs, from the first model:-

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    Actually, I was wrong. My iMac is not a G5. After looking into it, it is exactly the one in the link that you posted (Intel Core Duo/1.83 GHz/2MB /etc). Sorry for that mix-up. Also, I am using the Snow Leopard upgrade that I purchased from the apple store.

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    So the installation starts, but then stalls?

    Is the computer going into sleep mode after only a few minutes? Wonder what would happen if you set it to Never Sleep??

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