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    Any way I can import Microsoft Word and PowerPoint (Mac) from the Ext. Hard drive?

    I have tried searching but cant find anything specific enough.

    Basically my hard drive failed a couple of weeks a go, which deleted everything including Word and Powerpoint; 2 applications i desperately need.

    However, I had done a back up onto an external USB hard drive a month or so before. I can boot from this and use Word and powerpoint that way, but this is not convenient.

    Id primarily like to make this external HD my normal bootable hard drive in my mac so I could use these applications. Is there anyway I can (clean?) install this external hard drive and import everything back to my macbook without the OS Snow Leopard disk (currently at my University campus).

    If not, is there any way I can import JUST the Microsoft Office applications to my macbook HD from the external HD. I really need them quite urgently.

    Thanks for any help in advance... J

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums!

    What about Archive & Install, once you've transferred the ext HD to your Mac? That way you get to keep the apps like Word and PPnt. You'll need that SLpd (or other OS) disk though.

    Importing the MS applications on their own is fraught with risk, because there are library files galore, not to mention invisibles.

    Meantime, you'll need to continue with the boot from the external. A hassle, yes, but a workaround.
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    Simply install them from the software CD which no doubt you do have?

    You can then re-use one of the activation key codes and Microsoft will allocate a new user ID.

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