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    Question Upgrade path to Panther for recent purchse? OS10 Server?
    I know iti isn't out yet, but has anybody hear if ther is going to be an upgrade path for those who recentely bought the latest version of OS10? Also, my laptop was ordered this past week but has not been delivered yet. Any order on what options there will be for those with recent purchases?

    Also, should I plan to upgrade the OS10 Software on the server? BTW, does anybody know where there is a technical discussion goup about networking?


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    Panther info can be found in this thread

    for your question.....
    the new Panther Client upgrade is available for a shipping and handling fee ($19.95) through the Mac OS Up-To-Date program for: 1) all customers who have purchased a PowerMac G5 (regardless of purchase date), 2) all purchasers of any new Mac after October 8th, 2003, or 3) anyone who has purchased Jaguar (Mac OS X 10.2) after October 8th.

    you can find Network tech support here in our forums in the WEB DESIGN / SCRIPTING / HOSTING forum

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    the same applies in the UK but the upgrage will be about 15

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