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    Question Time Machine Restore Issues

    In running through the latest system updates, including 10.6.2 -> 10.6.3 and iTunes 9.1, my Core 2 Duo 24" iMac froze. I rebooted but was stuck on the spinning gears indefinitely (hours on end). I concluded that something with the OS was corrupted. I threw in the Leopard DVD (couldn't find Snow Leopard!) and went through the re-install process.

    I should state now that, unfortunately, I wasn't aware that the "Restore Full Time Machine backup" was an option under the Utilities menu. Instead, when I got to the screen with "Archive and Install", "Erase and Install", etc, went ahead and committed to the Archive option. I tried to preserve users and network settings but it wouldn't let me since they were tied to 10.6. It worked.

    It was at this point that I realized how much work I had ahead of me to get my system back up to speed. I discovered the Time Machine Restoration option, booted the Leopard DVD, and went through that process. It stated that the restore was successful and I needed to reboot. The Apple logo came up but no spinning gears. After 10 seconds, I get a kernel panic reboot message. I tried to restore from an earlier point, still no luck.

    From there, I have since:
    Run disk utility, no permissions issues or disc errors.
    Booted into Techtools Pro. No problems found.
    Tried a Safe Boot, didn't work.
    Disconnected the external Time Machine backup drive and rebooted. Nothing.
    Removed ALL connections except for keyboard and it booted DIRECTLY into the kernel panic screen, no Apple logo.
    With NO connections, it will hit the Apple logo, then kernel panic.

    I'm somewhat comfortable trying things in the console. Can I look up something? Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance! -Mike

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    Update: It turns out that there is a difference between the Time Machine restore functionality on the Leopard and Snow Leopard discs. I found my Snow Leopard disc, booted from it, and ran the restore with no problem. So, if you created a Time Machine backup with Snow Leopard, you must use the Snow Leopard Install DVD to restore it. Lesson learned.

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    same mistake
    I have just made the same mistake of using the factory instalation cd to restore from time machine back up. I kept getting a restart message having finished the restore. Im using the snow leaparrd install disc now so Im keeping my fingers crossed that it will work this time.

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