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Thread: Downgrading to 10.4.11

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    Downgrading to 10.4.11 running a non intel g5 with lepord 10.5...i want to downgrade to tiger 10.4.11...can someone explain how i do this without giving me lectures about not downgrading please?.I have vast amounts of expensive software that wont run on 10.5.Thanks.

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    Back up data...

    Wipe drive...

    Install 10.4.11...

    Restore data...

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    Just to help you out, iBackup will work with Leopard and tiger, unlike Time Machine

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums!

    Another suggestion - Archive & Install from the Tiger dvd. Tiger will overwrite the Lpd OS without affecting non-OS files. Once/if installation has occurred, give things a week or so to settle down, and if you're satisfied that the OS is stable and your applications are all working properly, you can delete the Previous System folder that will be created on A&I.

    That said, I'd still backup - just in case! Good luck!
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