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    partition/PhotoRec stuff up
    i deleted a file and used the program PhotoRec to recover it
    but they say on there site,
    ''This means that while using PhotoRec, you must not choose to write the recovered files to the same partition they were stored on.''

    unfortunately i didnt do this part and now it seems i have two copies of my Hdrive and have gone from having 850GB of space free down to 120GB....

    it seems like i have 2 identical partitions now...

    im not sure what to do here and dont want to delete anything,
    does anyone have a suggestion or has used the program?

    Snow Leopard

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    Welcome to Mac Forums.... I don't know about your maths, having two copies of your HD, and going from 850GB of free space to 120GB instead of 425GB, but anyway, back to the issue.
    Boot from your install disc (holding C once you hear the chime).
    Select language, and then go to utilities>disk utilities in the menu bar.
    Select partitions, click on the new partition/partitions, and click the minus underneath to remove.
    Before you proceed with the steps above, it would be good if you could post some images of what you have, especially of when you get to disk utility and click on partitions.
    This will help with the right solution.

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