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    Entourage - cause of slow running Mac
    I have been reading the threads carefully over the past few days as I have been struggling with my Macbook Pro performance as of late and was almost ready to do a complete reinstall after troubleshooting many different possibilities discovered on this thread.

    At first I thought it was my Skype that was causing my computer so much stress and deleted the app and reinstalled and the performance remained the same sluggish and often times freezing.

    I ended up doing a Microsoft Database verification and rebuild and I have not had a single problem since, and my performance has been lightning fast once again. I first noticed problems with my Entourage crashing over and over again, which was the source of all of my problems.

    I was glad that I was able to remain patient through the process of troubleshooting as it truly paid off in the end, as the time it would have taken to do a reinstall would have been enormous and essentially would not have fixed the problem because the Microsoft database would have continued to be the problem.

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    Note: Moved your post to it's own thread instead of sitting in a 2 year old posting.
    I also modified the dreaded "wall of text" to make it easier to read.

    Appreciate your sharing with us. First I've seen of this particular solution.
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    Microsoft's decision to put all of Entourage's info into a single monolithic database is quite possibly one of the dumber moves of this particular era of computer use. It is the source of endless heartache and headache.

    This is indeed the main reason why Mail is better than Entourage, even though Entourage "does more." The risk for *catastrophic* data loss is much higher with Entourage.

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    Lightbulb Entourage vs Mail
    I recently switched all of my email accounts in my Entourage to imap from pop and it has made a huge difference in the performance and the size of the database.

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