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Thread: Can NOT boot into Mac OS please help!

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    Question Can NOT boot into Mac OS please help!
    Ive had boot camp on my comp for a while and could always switch back and forth from mac to windows 7 no problem. But now I cant??? How can I fix this without reformating or wiping drives? I've tried just about everything I could think of.

    System restore
    Reset the computer management thing SMC i believe (shift+control+option+power)
    Reset the Params
    Tried safe modes,full restarts, forced restarts
    Holding otion and choosing Mac side
    Waited it for it too cool down temperature wise to see if that had something to do with it, (like i read online)

    Nothing works any other ideas?

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    Welcome to the forums. First have a look at these and see if they are what you have done. PRAM Reset and Reset SMC but make sure it is for your model of Mac - you did not include that information.

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    Sorry, this has WHAT to do with iPhone Hardware or Accessories?

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