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    can this be fixed? shared folder I cant get rid of!

    I have a netgear modem router (dg834n) running on Mac OS X Leopard. I get a shared folder that I dont know anything about (when I click on my hard drive), and I cant change it. It's called "Andrew Dunford's iMac". I have change the admin password, disabled guest accounts, activated the firewall, tried to disconnect it and turned off blue tooth and file sharing but it's still there.

    Is this a Net Gear server or other file? This icon/shared file only disappears when physically disconnect the Net Gear modem router
    Any ideas?


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    a. Is that your name?
    b. Is it the name of someone you know who has an iMac?
    c. Did you buy this machine used?

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    no, its not my name and Ive never heard of the person. The mac was bought new

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    Sounds like you have a wireless network set up on the router, with no encryption, and one of your neighbors has decided they would... uh... borrow your internet.

    You need to disable the wireless network if you're not using it, or secure it from intruders.

    Here's a Netgear howto for setting up WPA/WPA2 encryption.
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