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    Get the terminal version of softwareupdate to print update details

    I've been using the command line for a while.
    Do any of you know how to get the softwareupdate utility (/usr/sbin/softwareupdate) to display "update details" like on the "graphical" version? the "softwareupdate -l" only displays something like
    "Software Update found the following new or updated software:
    * AirPortUtility-5.5.1
    AirPort Base Station Update 2010-001 (5.5.1), 11840K [recommended]
    * iPhoto_812-8.1.2
    iPhoto Update (8.1.2), 13259K [recommended]
    * iTunesX-9.1
    iTunes (9.1), 99660K [recommended]"

    How can I get the terminal version to print the "details" text about what's new?
    Thanks in advance

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    Looking at the arguments page I think it isn't possible to show the update details.
    There could be another way to get the details, but it doesn't seem like it.
    -l | --list List all appropriate updates
    -d | --download Download Only
    -i | --install Install
    <label> ... specific updates
    -a | --all all appropriate updates
    -r | --recommended only recommended updates

    Per-user preferences:
    --ignore <label> ... Ignore specific updates
    --reset-ignored Clear all ignored updates
    --schedule (on | off) Set automatic checking

    -v | --verbose Enable verbose output
    -h | --help Print this help
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