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    Disable "Running Applications" in Dock?
    I've had a recent zen-like revelation that my screen space should be a tad cleaner than at present. I've moved all of my applications that used to reside in the Dock to stacks, but the icons still show up when I run them. I realize this is handy and happens for a reason, but it's a bit distracting, considering I am a rather epic multi-tasker at times.

    In brief, is there a way to keep the applications I have open from showing in the dock?

    P.S. I've done a fair bit of googling about this, and I'm pretty sure it's not possible, but I figure I'll reach out just in case.
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    Hmm if you don't want to keep your frequently used apps in the Dock AND you don't want to see your active applications, the entire Dock is waste of screen space for you.

    To that end, enable the auto-hide feature of the Dock to make it go away and then install HimmelBar - Welcome that will give you access to your Applications and Utilities from a simple icon on the menubar.

    That way you have the entire desktop, and launch applications using the the Himmelbar icon and you can ignore the Dock completely..


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