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Thread: 10.4 for PoweMac G4?......

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    10.4 for PoweMac G4?......

    I've got a PowerMac G4. I need to re-format and upgrade to 10.4 because the Macs simply not working well anymore; but I've lost disc one of my original 10.3.

    I need to know which specific 10.4 discs I need and where do I get them - cheap if possible!! And do I need that lost 10.3 disc at all to reformat and upgrade?

    Many thanks for any help!

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    You need a generic black faced Tiger DVD install disc, unless you are lucky enough to find someone selling the specific discs for that machine, and the only places are eBay/craiglist and the like. Cheap it won't be, it's still popular because of demand for non intel specific OS discs.
    Depending on your full spec you could possibly run Leopard happily too.
    You don't need the 10.3 disc to reformat if you have the Tiger dvd.
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