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Thread: Display issues

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    Mar 29, 2010
    Display issues
    Hi, Im encountering a weird problem so here goes:

    When I startup my macbookpro 13" and access my main account (with snow leopard and all software updated) my display is all screwed up color wise. It looks like it switched from 256bit colors to 16 bit and the gamma is way off (the gray in normal windows looks bright white). In short it is ugly and hurts my eyes.

    Now, when I start a game -(only have diablo2, warcraft3 and starcraft) which then looks really dark- and exit it, my screen is back to normal. If I log into my guest account it is normal from the start as well. So clearly it is a settings issue.

    Im unsure whether this is a virus, something caused by using Handbrake 0.9.3 or any of the games. Last two are on the list since the problem started occurring when I started using both more often. Plus every now and then when using handbrake the screen would go black and the only way out would be "ctrl-option-command+." .

    So far I have tried:
    - reinstalling snow leopard
    - deleting every preference file I think relates to display settings
    - calibrating color setting
    - changing resolutions and returning it
    - startup in safe mode (still has the problem)
    - updating handbrake and do what I usually do

    It seems that nothing I try, influences the display setting when I access my account.
    Since this is my main and admin account I really dont want to transfer all my files in a new account and then delete this one. Plus due to sensitive files for work I really do have to shutdown the computer every time.

    So if anyone has even the slightest suggestion, I'd be most grateful.

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    I would suggest taking it to Apple, as these may be signs of a dying video board or LCD panel. Reason #84 why I'm not a notebook girl.

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    have you tried creating a dummy guest account and logging into that to test and see if the screen colours are screwed there too?

    And for the games you mentined. WC3 (and TFT) works fine but D2 and SC chould be run in windowed mode on our intel Macs. I dunno exactly why but the screen is all screwed if you try to play them full screen. Well that happens for me. I think it's in part to do with the low low screen resolutions of SC and D2.

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    Mar 29, 2010
    Well on my guest account everything works perfectly so I'm fairly sure it is just software stuff. Plus the local apple store charges at least 55 euro for just taking a look at it. Too rich for my blood.

    Don't have any issues with D2 and SC whatsoever. Although I do have my suspicions that my changing of the gamma and contrast in D2 is what started the mess.

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    Mar 29, 2010
    Fixed it! For anyone having this problem in the future, just copy the preferences from a dummy account.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spindre View Post
    Fixed it! For anyone having this problem in the future, just copy the preferences from a dummy account.
    I actually have the same problem you mentioned above... My cat was sitting on my keyboard when it happened so she probably changed all my settings.

    Since I'm transitioning from Windows OS, and am a newbie to macs I'm not sure how to copy the preferences from another account. I got as far as setting up a new account and searched online how to copy the preferences and can't really find step by step directions. Can you please share? I really appreciate it...


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