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    How do I install an update
    I'm new to Macs so bear with me. I recently downloaded a dmg osx 10.4 to 10.4.11 update. Where do I drag and drop this file into Finder? Or does it automatically install itself? Thanks.

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    You don't drop it anywhere. Open the file by double clicking it. It'll mount a disk icon on your desktop. Open that and then run the Installer package. It'll walk you through the process and finish by restarting your Macintosh.

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    As dar as I know you just double click the .dmg file and it should open up. And from there you can double click on the install 10.4.11 update icon.

    And something else that is nice to know.
    In the finder (or main screen) there is a little Apple in the top left of the menu bat at the top of the screen. That is called the Apple menu and in the apple menu there is an option called "software update". Click on it (when you are hooked up to the internet) and it will tell you if there are any updates for any Apple applications (system updates included) what will work on your machine. And with one click they will download and install themselves on your mac.

    And it will say which updates require a system reboot for them to be installed. And for all my Apple updates I never download the .dng from Apple's site anymore. I just use the software update menu. And it works really well.

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    Ignore my post ... not needed anymore.

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