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    Unhappy Finder constantly crashes at startup and dock apps dont start
    So everything was running quite well yesterday when apart from running chrome, notes, and vuse, i tried to resumed my vmfusion session and then it suddenly disappeared and then the machine started beachballing which was followed by a finder crash which left me with just my desktop image on the screen and nothing else. After a hard restart, the desktop came back but without any of the icons normally on the desktop and when i wanted to open up an app from the dock, the icon disappeared although the name (for example system preferences) remained. all the functionalities like spotlight and wifi at the top get highlighted but dont work, and then finder crashes again to just show the desktop image and nothing else.

    This has happened over and over, no matter if I started it in safe mode, repaired permissions, or even reinstalled snow leopard. I don't know what else I can do since it wont even let me start or open any apps or folders. I feel it was a problem with vmfusion messing up with the kernel but am not certain.

    any help is highly appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by elchedan View Post
    I feel it was a problem with vmfusion messing up with the kernel but am not certain.
    Maybe uninstalling it might weed out the problem.
    Or make a user account and see if it happens there.
    If it does its a system wide problem, but if you say it still happens after reinstalling Snow Leopard, i would defiantly uninstall VM and go from there.
    If you have no joy once VM is uninstalled maybe its time to ring  .. ??

    Maybe 1st try repairing permissions from the install dvd by holding down the 'c' key on boot up, select language and then from the installer window disk utility ... and you know the rest ???

    Worth a try

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    Thanks for the reply. I would like to uninstall vmfusion but I cant open any folders or apps once the computer starts, I dont know how I would go about uninstalling it. Maybe from the terminal using the boot disc, but I dont know exactly the commands and how to make sure it would delete the virtual os it made as well.

    Ive tried repairing permissions from the boot disc but it didnt fix the problem. I would do a full new erase and install osx reinstall but its been a while since i last backed up my hd and dont want to lose all my data

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