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    Finder Quick Preview window defaults to parent folder after photo deletion?

    I've been going through a lot of pictures on my hard drive getting rid of ones I no longer need.
    What I've been doing is opening up the folder that contains the pictures in a Finder window. Then when I press the Space Bar, it brings up a quick preview window. I'll Down-Arrow until I get to a picture I no longer need and when I press Cmd+Delete, it deletes the here's my dilemma...after deleting the photo, the next picture is NOT loaded into the quick preview window, but instead the quick preview window defaults to the icon of the parent folder which the recently deleted photo was kept in.

    Is there a way do make the quick preview window within Finder load the next available picture (after deleting a photo) instead of defaulting to the parent folder?



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    Delete them in coverflow.
    After you delete a photo it will go to the next photo.

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    tons of pics
    i do photography and have to peruse a bunch of stuff to cull old pics;
    software for this particular purpose would probably work well, but for free:
    i have my finder set up to view items as preview icons at the largest possible size, also the background changed to a blue or green is easier on the eyes (less contrast);
    just right click on the background in the folder (not on an individual image) to change view options
    you will have to do this for each folder, as far as i know;
    to go back in finder, you prob know, cmd+up goes back without going to the top of a previous layer folder

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    I know of some very good software for quickly looking through tons of pictures and deleting the ones you don't want (and other things).

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    Preview works great for this if you use it right. Drag the folder you want to work on down to the dock and drop on Preview. Preview will open all the photos in the sidebar, under the sidebar will be some small icon, chose the Contact Sheet icon and a slider will popup on the left side so you can increase the thumbnail size. Now you can select one or more photos at a time and right click and send to the trash. I keep Preview on the dock all the time, It's one of the handiest image tools around for quick edits. Just takes using a little to find all the things it is able to do.
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    Back to my old 2.2GHz C2D MB after selling my MBP and wondering what my next Mac will be :)
    Nice one Pomeray.... Didn't think of that

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