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    Mar 11, 2010
    Need help restoring data files from DVD (Backup Application)
    I have been struggling for hours trying to restore some Final Cut Pro video files from multi-DVD backup sets created using Mac Backup Version 3. Files were created several years ago to make room for hard drive space. I wiped the backup settings file from the hard drive afterwards, one should be able to use the "Restore From Backup" command within the Backup app. Well, now when I load the DVDs and try to restore the contents to hard drive - the finder window will show the DVD as a Device, but when clicking on the DVD icon - Finder says "0 files." Get Info on the DVD says all 4.3GB used and Disk Utility says there are 7 files on the DVD. I can even use Terminal to copy the contents of the DVD to my hard drive. However, once finished, I have the same challenge - the folder created on the hard drive with the contents copied using Terminal still shows "0 files."

    I am growing weary trying to figure out how to gain access to these files to restore them. I need the Backup utility to "see" the files but so far, no such luck. The only clue I have of what might be an issue is that the file names are VERY LONG (I noticed this when using Terminal). One example filename:

    /Volume/Backup Girls FCP Soccer Files for 2002 (+Em 2001) Disc 1/Volumes/d2Boy/Archived Movies/Emily 2002/CF93_YEVideo_0203.bck

    I believe Mac OS can handle filenames as long as 255 characters - the above is around 100 characters.

    I'd appreciate any advice - at wits end. Also, would Disk Warrior possibly help recover data files from DVD?

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    Mar 11, 2010
    Problem solved - it was operator error. I thought I had checked this once already, but the DVDs were created with Backup Version 2 - as soon as I checked that option, then I was able to successfully restore them.

    Bad operator, bad operator.

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