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    Help Required - installation of OSX on External Hard Drive

    I wonder if you guys can advise ? : Basically the Hard Drive has failed on my mate's G3 iMac - it's the Demin Model 350 GHZ Processor , 7 Gig Hard Drive .

    The Hard Drive can be changed relatively easily . What I'm planning on doing is buying a " new " Hard Drive " recovered from an old G3 iMac with OS9 on .

    I intend to update from OS9 to Jaguar 10.2 or Panther 10.3 as I've the install discs .

    The plan is to buy 3.5 " External Hard Drive Caddy and USB it up to my Intel Late 2006 5,2 iMac .

    I believe there's different types of Partitioning for Intel and Power PC Macs , if I tried to install Panther or Jaguar from the Intel to the external Hard Drive , a red mark would appear on the External Hard Drive Volume and installation would be impossible .

    Apparently you can get round this by Partitioning as GUID in the Intel's Disc Utility on the External Hard Drive . Then apparently ! - you'd be able to install ? Panther or Jaguar on said drive .

    What I need to know is that if once Panther or Jaguar is installed on the External , would it work on the G3 Power PC ; once it's been taken out of the Caddy and put into the G3 iMac ?

    I'm told that there's no issues when you swap external drives between Power PC & Intel Macs but I need to know if there's issues with NOW Internal Hard Drives .

    Many thanks for your time . I hope I've explained this properly ? >

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    There are a few issues here...

    PowerPC Macintoshes use the Apple Partition Map (APM) drive scheme, which you're not allowed to install to on an Intel Mac. On top of that, you can't install either 10.2 or 10.3 from an Intel Mac... the DVDs are incapable of booting on there.

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    Do not bother as the G3 and Intels are worlds apart. Like crossing a stegosaurus with an elephant alas.

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    "Like crossing a stegosaurus with an elephant alas." - I like that analogy - I'm afraid that in some respects Power PC machines ended up as hopelessly under powered compared to the competition .

    The reason for the idea was that it would have been quicker to Install Panther or Jaguar myself on an HD , use the likes of Monolingual and X Slimmer , get rid of " surplus " pictures in the Library etc to save space on what apparently would be an installation in the first 8 GIG partition , than explain things to " M£crosoft People " .

    I'll just have to leave precise clear instructions then

    Thank You for your assistance guys .

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